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Thursday, August 10, 2006

rightly the perpetrators of the mumbai bombings of 1993 are to be punished soon, as early as 12 sep according to today's news. now if the same were done timely for those who unleashed the preceding riots leading upto the tragedy of march 1993, it may have prevented this terrorist attack in first place. as i said yesterday while there is every reason to chase down these terrorists, the search for those who have carried out and ordered the riots that instigated these attacks should also be with equal alacrity. once that is done and seen to be done, it can be predicted that such terrorist attacks will no longer occur. the rationale for these as of now is revenge, lack of justice, lack of belief in the state as protector etc...while there can be leeway given to terrorists for justifying their crime, it would be counter productive to ignore the reasoning they project just because it emanates from them. we should perhaps not only pursue the cases against riotors and their instigators for reasons of justice but also of prudence.

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